Violin Wall Mount

I saw a holder similar to this at a music shop. In my opinion it was overpriced so I decided that I would make one. To make one of your own you will need:

  • A rectangle piece of wood approximately the size of a deck of cards (about 3" x 4.5"). I used a piece of hardwood from an old desk
  • Vinyl double screw hook, found at any hardware store
  • A tube to hide exposed threads on the hook. I used a cut down bic pen tube
  • Optionally I used a generic grip from a mechanical pencil as a bow hangar
  • Hot glue
  • Two part 30 minute epoxy
  • 1.5" Finishing nails
  • Laquer (optional)
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Router with 1/2" round bit (optional)

Start by drilling a pilot hole to fit the screw of the hook above the center line of your piece of wood. Drill at an angle so that it will hold the hook at about 5 degrees above horizontal. This will ensure it holds the violin securely.

Drill three holes to fit the finishing nails, 2 above the hook hole on either side, and one below the hook hole on the center line of the piece of wood. Drill them angled down about 5 degrees to the normal of the wood front surface.

If you want a better finish, now is the time for routing the edges, sanding and applying lacquer. Finishing wood is well documented elsewhere so I will omit instructions here.

Next cut the BIC pen tube to about 3/4" length and slide it over the exposed section of thread on the hook. Test fit the hook to make sure it threads in, and that the pen tube is the correct length. Next find the area of your wall where you want to hang your violin, somewhere it won't get knocked off the wall or in direct sunlight, or under a heating vent - these are all bad for violins. Use the three finishing nails to anchor the wood piece on the wall.

violin holder detail

Mix and apply the two part epoxy to the threads of the hook to keep it secure then screw it in. Make sure you are happy with the position before the epoxy cures.

I wanted to also be able to store the bow. I made a holder from a BIC mechanical pencil grip. It fit tight on the end of the hook, but I used a small amount of epoxy to keep it secure and filled the entire tube with hot glue to keep it from bending.

wall holder close Wall Holder

That's it, you now have a violin holder made in the time it would take to go to the store and for a tenth of the price.

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