This is a laser cut platform which allows you to mount your kindle on your bike handlebars. This is not as stupid as it sounds! If like me you spend coundless hours riding a bike indoors on a stationary trainer you need as many ways as possible to pass the time. It is designed for a kindle paperwhite, though it also works with the standard kindle.

The final product


What you need

Assembly instructions

  1. Laser cut the three pieces supplied in the provided pans.
  2. Using wood glue, attach the two reinforcement pieces on the back of the main kindle mount piece, clamping them in place until dry.
  3. Attach the glued pieces to the GN032 mount using the four #10 screws and nuts.
  4. Attach the mount to your bike. If you need help the mount comes with instructions.
  5. Rest your kindle on the mount and scure it with the two rubber bands as shown in the image below.

Don't use this when riding on real roads ಠ_ಠ

IMG_7388.JPG IMG_7388.JPG

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