25 Nov 2016

The Tour Divide

The Tour Divide is a 2700 mile off road bike race through the rockies that I completed in 2015. It is fully self supported which means you carry all of your food, clothes, sleeping gear, etc. Aside from the physical training there is a lot that goes into preparing for the Tour Divide including gear selection and logistics for obtaining food and other supplies. It is undoubtedly the hardest thing that I have ever done and I believe I learned some interesting things which I will share in this and subsequent posts.

Everyone asks me why I would do this and the short answer is that I don't really know. The longer answer is multifaceted and still unclear. It's some mix of love for the outdoors, passion for cycling, accomplishing something hard, and doing something unconventional.

I’ll begin with some stats:

  • 19 days 21 hours finish time
  • 2,714 miles raced
  • 135 miles ridden per day
  • 172,524 feet of elevation gain
  • ~126,000 calories eaten or ~6,300 calories per day
  • ~75 packs of pop tarts eaten
  • 9 pounds lost
  • 182 items carried on bike
  • 0.5 flat tires
  • 4,425 Miles ridden training for race, 2,354 of the miles indoors on a stationary trainer

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